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Gondola in Venice — by John Fabian

How to Meet Friends Inside a Frame

If you’ve never experienced this technique for entering a picture and bringing friends with you, here are some suggestions for how this can happen.

Begin by entering the picture by yourself

  • Imagine you can actually move beyond a frame and enter into a painting or photograph.
  • Enjoy the sights—as well as sounds, smells, and other sensations—you find there.
  • Open your heart to receive whatever you need today in this new setting.
  • Stay as long as you wish.
  • Return as often as you would like.

Invite someone to join you

  • Think of a friend or family member you would enjoy seeing again.
  • Remember what that person was like the last time you visited, or at any time you’ve enjoyed his or her company.
  • Invite that person to “step into” the picture with you.
  • Spend several minutes imagining both of you are right there, behind the frame, and enjoying being together in this place.
  • Spend several minutes imagining both of you are there, enjoying being together in this place.
  • What will you talk about? Will it be enough just to say “hello”.? Would you simply enjoy the other person’s company without saying anything? Would you like to share an experiences in the past that brought you pleasure? Might you want some advice? Take time to fully experience what this conversation would be like.
  • When you are ready to leave, you may want to plan to meet again in this unusual setting.
  • If you wish, you can tell the person with whom you had this experience what it was like.
  • Suggest your friends invite you to join them in one of our paintings or photographs. Give them the link to this section—Pictures Can Connect You With Others—and they can choose a picture to share with you.