Who We Are

By Arlene Harder, MA, MFT, Resident of Villa Gardens

Arlene Harder

Now that Sharing Our Wisdom is being launched in June of 2021, I marvel at all the seemingly unrelated events that wove themselves into a complex project...one that it has been my privilege to organize while we’ve sheltered in place.

Despite challenges and setbacks, I have enjoyed every moment and this has only been possible with the help of those who provided content and encouragement.

Several require special thanks in that regard.

  • The first of these is Dmitry Estrin, Executive Director of Villa Gardens Retirement Community a couple years ago when I first told him about a discussion group I had developed on the finest qualities of being human. He encouraged me to include other ideas and bring it to a wider audience.
  • The Executive Director who followed him, Paula Digerness, has encouraged me to continue pursuing this goal and has offered several suggestions of people who have supported the project.
  • Jack York, creator of iN2L (It’s Never Too Late), saw the potential for developing a website. Also, he will use the videos we create in his work with seniors, and has offered many helpful suggestions.
  • Makiko Hirata (aka Dr. Pianist) worked on the three STEP-IN videos with which we are launching the site and will continue to work on the development of many more.
  • Julie Weaverling, director of Front Porch Art Department, has been instrumental in organizing the section on “Pictures Can Connect Us With Others” and generally helping me stay focused when I want to do too much.
  • Renee Payan Wong and Tom Garrison are the wizard web masters who have consistently managed to listen to my suggestions had how the site should be organized, point out the problems, and then create a format that I hope you find easy to navigate.

Of course, there wouldn’t be a site without meaningful content if there weren’t people who provided that content and/or pictures for illustrations. Here they are and more are always being added.

Nancy Bechtolt
Bob Carlson
Bob Cates
Charlotte Decker
Doris Degani
Florence Edwards
Art Fabian
John Fabian
Lynne Fearman
Sue Fletcher
Phil and Ann Graf
Eileen Mitchel
Miguel Pacheco
Jeanne Roach
David Stevenson
Val Toms
Evita Valero
Rush and Sally White
Kim Williams
Patricia York

Since even a small suggestion can make a great difference in how content is organized and presented, the following must be mentioned for their editing and encouragement.

Joan Bennett
Carol Bierhorst
Kay Carl
Katherine Custodio
Kathie Freeman
Jill Hammer
Silvia Samuelson