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Who Are You Today?

By Arlene Harder, MA, MFT, Resident of Villa Gardens

“Maybe being oneself is always an acquired taste.”
— Patricia Hampl, 1991

“What you have become is the price you paid to get what you used to want.”
— Mignon McLaughlin

“Everybody must learn this lesson somewhere—that it costs something to be what you are.”
— Shirley Abbott

Exploring questions about your past and your values are two areas that Socrates would have you ask yourself. Then, he would certainly want you to take a look at how you see yourself today.

Are you walking the path you have chosen, or is it one that someone else has chosen for you? It is certainly easy to keep on the path we’ve been treading than to set out in a new direction.

Your answers to the questions you’ll find in the areas below are bound to change from time to time. So, I suggest you notice the ways in which you see things differently today than in the past. Give yourself credit for the progress you’ve made in becoming a more authentic person.

Also, if a question causes you to wonder whether your answer doesn’t seem quite right to you, this is a good time to consider making a change that suits your needs and values better.