Maureen's T-Shirt Museum

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Bob and Maureen Cates

“Keep some souvenirs of your past, or how will you ever prove it wasn’t all a dream?”
— Ashleigh Brilliant

Through their long marriage, Bob and Maureen Cates, retired aeronautical engineers, hiked in much of the world. They especially liked the Southwest of the United States, where they were interested in native rock art and were long-time members of the Sierra Club.

This gave Bob, a talented photographer, an opportunity to record their journeys in thousands of photos—and for Maureen to collect t-shirts. So, when they moved to Villa Gardens in 2016, the t-shirts were perfect reminders of hundreds of canyons, trails and rocks.

When we were told to “shelter-in-place”—a nice way of saying “stay home”—Bob began taking pictures of his wife modeling her t-shirts. He sent them to people on his email list with an explanation of why each t-shirt has a memory associated with it.

We launched this website in June 2021 with a few of these pictures and will add more as time permits.

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