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"If you look back on your life and where you started from, it’s like looking back down a mountain to the desert floor. It’s like now I can’t believe I had whatever it takes or perceived whatever it took to get here.
— Morgan Freeman

The motto of Sharing Our Wisdom is “Life-enriching inspiration—let’s make a difference together.” Therefore,

If you want to contribute to the solution of the world’s problems, we offer ideas for what you can do.

If you want to connect with others in new ways, we have some suggestions.

If you want to know what life was like back in the “old days,” we’ll share our history and show you why we are passionate about the diverse people we have met and the beauty of the natural world.

If you want to take a break from the pressures of the day, we have games and humor to lighten your mood.

And if you are one of those who enjoys the Internet because it helps you discover something you hadn’t realized was fun to know, then our Follow the Flags in the Diversions section is perfect for you.